The Abyss | Spheres of the Qliphoth

Between the highest divine level and the lower there is an Abyss, On the side of light this can be likened to an enormous slope that leads down to the dark side. On the dark side the Abyss does not exist in the same manner. The adept of the light who fails to reach the highest divine triad falls down into the Abyss and might become a victim of the forces of chaos that dwell there. From the perspective of the dark side, however, the Abyss can be likened to a river that separates the darkest center of the underworld from the surrounding parts.

In the Qabalah, the Abyss is called Masak Mavdil. In the Abyss and its dark river all failed adepts lie, drowned. By passing the Abyss, the magician’s old, limited form dies. All attributes that have determined the life and Will of the adept have been left behind. The adept is transmuted in the Abyss. The forces of darkness polish away all limitations that hinder the soul of the magician to become divine. After the Abyss, the soul becomes life a black diamond that carries all colors of life and the spectre within.

The Abyss corresponds physically to the throat and neck and the part of the back where the spine passes into the brain. Here we can find the Vishuddi chakra, which is compared to a blue lotus with sixteen petals. Beings and entities like Abbadon (‘the Angel of the Abyss’) and Chroronzon dwell in the Abyss. They consume the body parts of the old, limited Self that the magician leaves in the Abyss to die.