Thagirion | Spheres of the Qliphoth

The sixth Qliphotic level (or the fifth counting from levels of initiation) is called Thagirion, which means dispute or juridical process. This can be interpreted in several ways, sometimes as the religious juridical process in which Satan is the prosecutor on God’s behalf, or as the place where the judgement of God and His administration of justice are located. Apart from numerous mythological interpretations, the name of the Qliphoth denote their antinomian nature that works against the laws of the bright side. All Qliphoth bear pejorative names since they act as antitheses to the present order. Since the Sephiroth of the light idealize unity, its shadow side is associated with disunity. This also explains the signification of ‘dispute’ in the name Thagirion.

Thagirion is the central Qlipha on the Ha-Ilan Ha-Hizon, the Qliphotic outer tree. This Qlipha is the shadow side of Tiphareth on the Sephiroth. Both spheres correspond to the child or the offspring, and Tiphareth is associated with Christ and Messianic characters while Thagirion is associated with the Anti-Christ and the Beast 666. The former characters preach salvation through them (Jesus explains in the Bible that the only way to salvation), something that is questioned by the latter who emphasizes man’s possibility to save himself. Tiphareth and Thagirion are both associated with different human characters who channel the force from this level, such as Bodhissatvas, secret masters or prophets. Since this level is the central sphere on the tree, people who are on this level are able to mediate between the worlds above and the worlds below. Strong personalities can be associated with either of the two levels depending on the preference of  the general public: to a Muslim then, Muhammed is a Tiphareth character (of course Muslims do not generally use this symbolism), while he is viewed by some Christians as the Anti-Christ, and thus as a Tagirion character. In the early stages of his career, Hitler was viewed as something of a messiah who would save Germany. At that stage, he assumed a Tiphareth role. But, after the war he was viewed as the Beast personified, and is now one of the most popular characters to portray as the Anti-Christ. Nero, Genghis Khan, Attila and many other powerful men have been called the Anti-Christ and were characters on which people projected the shadow. Philosophers and mystics like Nietzsche, Crowley and Gurdjieff have, on more valid grounds, been connected with Thagirion since they have preached that man can save himself, and they have also used a Thagirion-related symbolic language. An individual can channel Thagirion and be mouthpiece for the lore of the shadow side:

For all adepts, this level means illumination. Both Tiphareth and Thagirion belong to the solar sphere, or the mental level, and here the magician comes into contact with his or her higher self (or lower self depending on how one is holding the map). The magician encounters his Daemon who, on the bright side, takes the shape of the Holy Guardian Angel, a term inspired by the ‘holy magic’ of Abramelin. On the dark side, the Daemon takes the shape of the Beast or Totem animal. The bright side is characterized by an intellectual illumination, while the dark side leads to an instinctive illumination in which force, vision and action are united. On the bright side, one reaches an intellectual distance to the here and now, while the dark side leads to a complete presence in the here and now.

On some levels of the initiatory path the dark and the bright side are united and, on the solar level, the magician can experience the unity between the Holy Guardian Angel and the Beast. The magician’s Daemon unites both the light and the darkness within, like the Gnostic god Abraxas, who is associated with this level.

In Alchemy, one has reached the state of the yellow diamond on this level, called Citrinitas. The solar sphere also corresponds to topaz and gold in Alchemy (Kether-Thaumiel is represented by gold in a higher red form). Many adepts experience strong feelings of lust when reaching the sun sphere. Here they become one with the goals and ideals they have strived for. The adept experiences a completion within his whole being or the Self, as it is often called in psychological terminology. This is Heaven for the religious (or Hell for those who would rather go there), the Buddhi level or Satori in eastern mysticism. For black magicians, the ascent to this level leads to a feeling of total power, but not in the naive and illusory form that can be experienced now and again on the previous levels. For the white magician, a feeling of total benevolence arises. Both of these states are too self-sufficient and have become a trap for numerous spiritual wanderers. The sun level and the mental level are only half way on the initiatory path. This sphere can, in simple terminology, be designated a level on which the adept experiences ‘everything of himself’ in its full capacity and experiences his whole being with the destructive and creative sides in balance. But, beyond this level the higher levels begin; the star sphere, or the transcendental sphere, which could be called a level where the adept becomes ‘more than himself’ is the level to which the assiduous magician strives.

Tiphareth corresponds to the sun in its bright form, while Thagirion corresponds to the Black Sun. The Black Sun represents the sun in its inner form, where it shines inside man and over the hidden, Qliphotic worlds. The common sun is the outer sun that shines over our mundane world. The Black Sun corresponds to the god Set in Egyptian mythology, while the mundane sun corresponds to his twin, Horus. In Nordic mythology, Balder is occasionally associated with the common sun, while the Black Sun corresponds to either Loke or Balder’s blind brother, Hoder. One can find aspects of Hoder that suggest that he is a form of Odin, and Odin is also associated with the Black Sun. Thagirion is the sun of the shadow side, which can be interpreted as the sun in the underworld, which in myth is personified by Balder in Hel, Ra in Amenti or by other solar gods in the kingdom of death.

The sun is the symbol of the complete self, or the Self, which can reach consciousness and illumination only in the underworld. Before man has confronted his own death and darker aspects, he lives screened off from major parts of himself. By facing one’s death and by entering the dark path can man reach illumination and absolute knowledge about himself. This is illustrated by the Egyptian god Khepera who embodies the principle of existence and becoming, Khepera carries the sun down to the underworld where he is reborn as his own offspring. The sun that he carries represents his Self, and only in the underworld can the god create himself. In an ancient Egyptian text, Khepera says: ‘I am Khepera, the one who has created himself’.

The Black Sun, or the Thagirion principle, is not merely the sun in the underworld, but a force that has a more independent relation to the Self. The Black Sun is a principle that shines on the Self during its journey into the unconscious. The Black Sun is the inner or central sun that generates illumination and divine force in man. We can also find descriptions of an outer Black Sun. In that case, we are discussing legends about a world inside the earth: a world that is illuminated by its own sun, called ‘the Black Sun’. These legends were recreated by the esoteric writer Sir Bulwer Lytton in his Vril stories, which depict a people who are living inside the earth and are in possession of a force called Vril. Another speculation regarding an outer Black Sun claims that there is a Black Sun in the middle of the universe, or alternatively in the center of our Milky Way galaxy, which radiates through the universe with a light that, to man, is perceived as an empty darkness. It is said to generate the dark matter that fills the universe.

The Black Sun is the generator behind the forces that in occult texts are called Vril, Od, the World Kundalini or the Dragon force. Thagirion and the Black Sun can be described as the principles that channel those forces of chaos from outside the universe, which flow into this universe both as life-giving and death-bringing forces. Thagirion corresponds to the Beast of the Book of Revelation. This force can be found in old Norse mythology as the Fenriz wolf, and Thagirion is ruled by the demon Belphegor in the Goetic Qabalah. The horned god in his many shapes is a personification of the solar energy that beams from Thagirion. The sun demon Sorath originates from Thagirion and has the same numerical value as the Beast of the Apocalypse, which 666. The number 666 is the number of the Black Sun and carries the key to the formula Shemhamforash and the number 72, which both correspond to the secret name of God and the seventy-two demons in Goetic magic.