As a Science

Illuminism is an applied religious philosophy which aims to help the student to progress towards the fourth and final level of evolution of the consciousness, known as Noesis. Noesis means pure visions and Noetics is the science of reaching that state of pure vision. The actual definition of Noetics is:

The path in which the student will follow to reach Noesis is a very clear and direct one. It has been taught for ages, and concealed within the religions of the world.


Scientific Illuminism

Illuminism is the religion of the new age. It is the religion of scientific illuminism. Scientific Illuminism is the process by which we use the method of science with the aim of religion. To elaborate on this statement, we can say that the Illuminist is using the occult sciences, which are complete, esoteric, and true facts, and applying them to the traditions of religions in order to arrive at the desired end result, which is apotheosis. Scientific Illuminism is the explanation of the primary two purposes of man’s life,

  1. To know thyself.
  2. To master oneself, through knowledge, thereby reaching the next stage in the evolution of the consciousness.

Illuminism is meant to be a journey. The ultimate journey of each individual man, woman, and child. It is a journey into the self, and into the mind. Illuminism is the way to evolve one’s self into a higher being, a more perfect being. The science of Illuminism is the science of change. It gives man the insight into how to change him or herself into an infinite being.

For so long now, man has been told that he cannot change, that he is a product of his parents, or environment, or situations. Eastern myths have convinced man that they are a product of their past lives. Illuminism shows man how to rise above all these false ideas and reach the highest level of man’s evolution here and now.

You have been told, I am sure, that if you need help, you must seek help outside…from professionals. These “professionals” have never been able to cure man, they have never been able to truly help him progress. Illuminism will show you that the only professional you need for your help, is you. No one, of any profession, can help you, besides yourself. Man has the power within to help himself and evolve himself. The answer lies in the understanding of your mind and its relation to everything around you. Illuminism teaches you the proper understanding and use of human energy.

If the information contained in this book is used correctly, man can and will transcend his lower state. He should never require manufactured medicine. He will be self-sufficient and self-sustaining, and self-healing.

The process of Illuminism has been designed as a map. A map to lead man from his current state of confusion and lack of knowledge to a destiny of clarity and knowledge. This road to Illumination is given to members of the Church of Illuminism. This book will explain the basic concepts of all our teachings. The teaching are given in a sequence in order to ensure that the receiver of such knowledge can benefit from it by being prepared for it from the previous step. Remember, evolution takes place in the consciousness. The body and mind cannot evolve until the spirit is evolved. That is the goal of Illuminism.

When you read this Science of Illuminism, do not worry if you cannot pronounce the names of certain concepts or systems as the original language it came from has been included as well. The goal is to understand the ideology behind the words. To understand the concepts of the teachings of Illuminism.

As you take this giant step in your life, you will be faced with many truths. Truths that may not feel so good to hear, but are essential to you being de-programmed from the ideas that the world has imprinted upon you and the awakening to real knowledge.

Get ready to begin this amazing journey!