Ghagiel | Spheres of the Qliphoth

Ghagiel is the last Qlipha before Thaumiel and is the active force of the dark side. Ghagiel is associated with phallic gods and beings like the Devil in his most masculine sexual form, or the antique god Priapos with his giant red phallus. Ghagiel corresponds to Shiva in his most phallic shape when the power of his lingam, or phallus, causes the third eye to open so that the universe is destroyed and recreated in one and the same moment. If Satariel is the throne of the dark goddess, then Ghagiel is the throne of the dark god. Beelzebub, who is referred to as the prince of the demons, rules Ghagiel. His name is generally interpreted as ‘the lord of flies’, but archeological findings tell us that Beelzebub was originally a Phoenician god called Bee-Isebel, which means ‘lord of lords’.

When reaching Ghagiel one becomes a magician in the deepest sense. Magic is the art of will, and this is the center of will. This is an active level that is represented by the wand of the magician. The wand is a copy of the world axis around which the universe rotates. The male sky god, which can be found in most religions, corresponds to this axis, and he is the one who creates and upholds the world and its order. The world axis is the phallus of the god. Ghagiel, ruled by Beelzebub, represents the forces of the apocalypse that cause the wand to break and fall apart. The lord of flies feasts on the old world, like flies consuming a corpse. From ashes of the old world, the magician recreates the universe by raising his wand and lets it become the world axis around which a new universe rotates.