Gamaliel (also ruled by Lilith) | Spheres of the Qliphoth

Lilith influence continues into the next Qlipha. Here she has taken a more personified shape as the ruling demoness of Gamaliel. The position of Lilith on Gamaliel plays an important part in her role as the queen of the world, and it is from here that she controls the world by being its hidden, underlying force. Gamaliel is the shadow of anima mundi, the ‘world soul’. Gamaliel is the dream sphere and the dark side of Yesod. The dreams that man normally cannot, or does not wish to remember in the waking state, can be found within Gamaliel. These dark dreams have a revealing character and expose sides of oneself that one might not want to accept. The dark dreams are censored by the super ego and are repressed to the Gamaliel Qlipha. Thus, Gamaliel is the ‘Qlipha of dark dreams’.

Gamaliel is, above all, the sphere of forbidden sexuality. While Adam and Eve represent sexuality of a dutiful nature whose purpose is reproduction, Lilith and her demonic lovers correspond to an initiatory sexuality in which the force of Eros is used to reach higher states of mind. A dark magician enters Gamaliel to become fully aware of the mechanisms of sexuality and thus cease to be enslaved under hidden instincts. The origins of lust are also revealed on this Qlipha. The magician will reach an understanding of the structures of the basic instincts and learn how to use sexuality for magical progression.

The Sephirah Yesod and the Gamaliel Qlipha both belong to the astral sphere. Everyone leaves the physical body at night during sleep. These experiences are part of the deeper dreams that we generally forgotten. For a magician it is of great importance to remember these dreams in order to control them and consciously reach the astral plane. The magician attempts to travel through the normal astral sphere that are represented by Yesod and move towards the deeper and darker regions that belong to Gamaliel. During astral journeys to the erotically magnetized worlds of Gamaliel, the magician will encounter the succubus and the incubus, female and male demonic lovers. They will invite the magician to an astral orgy in which even the weakness, the magician may be vampirized and left as an empty orgy to reach ecstatic states of mind that release the soul.

Yesod corresponds to the moon. Gamaliel corresponds to the dark side of the moon. This side has often been connected with witches and their craft. The witch cult was a sexual religion with orgiastic elements. Blood was an essential part of this cult since the phases of the moon correspond to the menstrual cycle. The monthly blood corresponds to fertility and life and its constant relation to death. Menstruation is a sign of life that is lost in the blood. Eve represents the fertile phases, while Lilith represents the menstruation phase. The moon is both death and sexuality. The entities that have been associated with this sphere have elements of both sexuality and blood. The magician’s sacrifice of his own blood and sexual fluids can be found in several of the rituals of witchcraft that are associated with Gamaliel.

The gods of the witch cult belonging to Gamaliel: Pan, Dionysus, Frey, Baphomet and the medieval Devil. All are phallic deities, often horned or in the shape of a goat. Among the feminine deities we find mainly dark moon goddesses such as the Greek Hecate, the goddess of witches and phantoms, or goddesses who represent eroticism and sorcery such as Freya, but also goddesses of death like Persephone and the old Norse Hel. Vampiric beings can be found within Gamaliel and are characterized by the combination of life and death, blood and sexuality.

Vampires are other entities that, in myth, combine Eros and Thanatos, sexuality and death, haunt Gamaliel. The vampiric forces of Gamaliel strive to channel the life force deeper into the Qliphotic tunnels. This process is enabled when the sexual energy is awakened through the erotic dreams and visions transmitted by Gamaliel. The life energy streams down into the Qliphotic underworld and nourishes the forces that are brooding there. In this process, the magician works like an alchemist and must tread deep down into the dark to find the philosopher’s stone or the elixir of life. The adept must follow this course consciously and with control. If this occurs unconsciously, one’s personal power might be lost in the unknown. The magician could then be left behind in a zombie-like state and would have to become a vampire to attract energy from others.

The magical work at Gamaliel is of an astral nature. It includes astral travelling, conscious dreaming and conjuring of the succubus and the incubus. To explore Gamaliel, one could use one’s discipline to stay awake for a couple of days, something that may cause vivid dream images to arise. A magician should also experiment with sexual abstinence for extended periods of time to increase the sexual energy and thus enable a stronger contract with Gamaliel. The focus of the meditation of abstinence should be the Svadhisthana Chakra, which is located at the genitals. This Chakra corresponds to Yesod-Gamaliel and is compared to an orange lotus flower. The magician should especially focus on the backside or inside of the chakra. The state reached by this operation is very suitable for conjuring the succubus and the incubus, but above all the demon empress Lilith herself. Lilith can be conjured through the incantation mentioned above. She appears as a beautiful naked woman. Sometimes she appears with a serpent’s body from the waist down. In some instances, Lilith might appear as a vampire queen or as a spider woman weaving a web of dreams. The artist Franz von Stuck (1863-1928) made beautiful portraits depicting sinful naked women appearing together with demonic serpents. Also, artists like Gustav Klimt and Hon. John Collier have, with their paintings, presented a view into the dark, but seductive world of Lilith that one can experience on Gamaliel.