Statement of Faith

WE , THE CHURCH OF ILLUMINISM, ACKNOWLEDGE the eternal existence of the Great First Cause, the Divine, invisible, central, Spiritual Sun, from whose gloriously radiant Throbbing Soul pulsates the living breath– the life-principle of all that is, or ever shall be. From this Divine Vortex proceeds the invisible power which binds the vast Universe in one Harmonious Whole.

We teach that from this incomprehensible centre of Divinity emanate the divine scintillations of eternal Spirit, which having completed their orbit – the great Cycle of Necessity – constitute THE ONLY IMMORTAL PORTION OF THE HUMAN SOUL. But while thus accepting the universal sonship of mankind, we reject in toto the doctrine of Universal Equality.

The church is divided into three Grades; each Grade is again subdivided into three Degrees; the Names of the different Degrees being communicated privately to each separate Member. After the preliminary Initiation there are also three other Initiations before an Initiate can pass the Ninth Degree, and become eligible for the first degree of actual Adeptship. After the preliminary Initiation each Member must earn by his own individual effort, in conjunction with the instructions of his Teacher, the right to admittance to any higher Degree! A Task is given each to accomplish–we are no respecters of persons–and none can progress in the order unless the task before them is completed; it is the test of their fitness for higher Initiation. Remember, we teach freely and without reserve all we find worthy to receive. The following are the six principle Rules to be observed by all, both Teachers and Pupils alike:

This order devotes its energies and means at command towards discovering, gauging, applying, and subjecting the hidden laws, and latent, or active Forces in every department of Nature, to the Imperial Will of the Human Soul, whose powers and attributes it alone seeks to evolve, in order to establish that immortal individuality which enables the perfected Spirit to say, I AM.

The Members pledge themselves to endeavor to the best of their abilities to live the life of moral purity and brotherly love, and to abstain, under all circumstances, from the use of intoxicants, except under special medical advice; and also to help forward all social Reforms for the benefit of mankind generally.

Members are divided into Circles, each of which has a special and separate Teacher appointed, who has full power to appoint any officers and Assistants that he may deem necessary; each Circle forms within itself its own Lodge, of which the Teacher is always President.

The Members of each Circle further pledge themselves to obey the commands and follow the instructions of their Teacher in all pertaining to their Occult Studies, to the utmost limit compatible with their surrounding circumstances, and to do all within their power for the mutual benefit and assistance of each other.

The Members solemnly pledge their sacred Word of Honor not to reveal any knowledge, teachings, or transactions of the Order with which they are entrusted, without the special permission of their duly appointed Teachers; and further, to conceal under all legal circumstances the name and identity of all persons who, to their knowledge, are connected with the Order, unless they receive in Writing the special permission of the person whose name they may desire to divulge.

The Members of the order have full liberty to the free and full exercise of their reason and judgment in forming all their opinions. In no case has one Member the right to show disrespect to, or intrude his opinions upon, the religious belief of another; and lastly, each individual Member of our ancient and noble Order should endeavor to sustain its dignity and character, by himself or herself becoming a living example of purity, justice, and benevolence; for no matter what your circumstances in life may be, you may, if you will, become living centers of goodness from which radiate all that is virtuous, noble, and true.

The Church of Illuminism is devoted to taking its parishioners to the peak of human development, or apotheosis, and thereby establishing the new generation of mankind upon the Earth. A kingdom of the noble souls.

This is the religion of the new age, the religion of evolution.

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