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The Goal of Mankind

Noetics is the science of clear vision. What does this mean? Well, it means that when someone reaches the state of consciousness called Noesis, they can see everything with pure, clear, unalterable vision. 

There are four main states of consciousness as described by Plato. You can watch the video below to learn more about the four states of consciousness.

The Church of Illuminism teaches its members how to reach Noesis. Most of the people on the Earth today are in either level 1 known as Eikasia, or level 2 known as Pistis. In order to move forward towards Noesis, we must understand the nature of each level and deal with the challenges and overcome them step by step. These challenges may present themselves as psychological issues which manifest in the physical world more often than not. We must learn about and work with our psychology in order to overcome these obstacles and move forward. 

The study of and working with our psychology requires dedicated effort by the student and unless this effort is put into the work, there will be no result. The Church has provided a lot of free tools and information on our website to help beginners on their journey to Noesis. For the complete syllabus and toolkit, consider joining the Church of Illuminism. 

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