Food Distribution

The Church of Illuminism’s Food Distribution Program is designed to provide the homeless and under-privileged with food and resources to enable them to get back on their feet.

Interested in providing your company’s left over food to our program to help people in need? Or are you interested in volunteering your time to our food distribution program? Click here to register on our list.

The Church of Illuminism’s Food Distribution Program is aimed at providing food to homeless and underprivileged people on a regular basis. The Program will be most successful if companies in the areas in which we have events could be so kind as to donate their leftover foods from employee cafeterias or even their business (cafes, restaurants, etc) so that we may distribute them to people in need. This type of a project is a group effort and the more people and organizations from the community who lend a helping hand, the more food we can provide to the many people in need. If you are interested in either donating food or your time to help with this endeavor, please use the contact form above to let us know.

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