The Books of Illuminism

The Science of Meditation I

Learn what real meditation is. Meditation is a method of investigation to learn new things and things hidden. Learn how to meditate effectively and with results.

The Science of Meditation II

This is volume 2 of the series. Learn how to effectively meditate and use it as an investigative tool to learn about yourself and your surroundings.


Noetics is the foundational text of Illuminism. It explains the allegories of the world religions as it connects to our mind, body, and soul. Learn how to reach your potential.

Introduction to Illuminism

An introductory text to understand the philosophy and doctrine of Illuminism. This book is a must read by any student looking to join the Illuminist path.

The Mechanics of the Soul

Learn about the hidden workings of the soul. How the brain plays a key function in all activity and how to effectively use our body, mind, and soul efficiently.


Understanding as much as we can about Karma is an important part of the journey. Learn how Karma affects everything we do and is created even when we breathe.

Cosmic Evolution

Discover the different races of mankind that existed before us and what the spiritual evolution was like. Cosmic Evolution helps us to understand where we came from and where we are going.

Love, Sex, and Yoga

Love, Sex, and Yoga are all intrinsically connected to each other. Learn why and how these things affect your spiritual life and what you can do about it.

The Secret of Satan

There is a reason that Satan exists. Learn about this mysterious reason and why it is so important to understand it correctly whilst on the path of evolution.

Other Illuminism Books


Apotheosis: The Journey to God is a concise explanation of how the goal of mankind is nothing else other than spiritual evolution. 

The Daughters of the Moon

An eclectic book written to explain the evolutionary situation we are facing and how we are to proceed along the path as a family.

Astral Projection: The Complete Collection

Astral Projection is a book teaching the hidden methods of how to perform this exercise. Learn techniques to get yourself to astral project and what to expect when you do.

Astral Projection 1: Waking Up

Book 1 in the Astral Projection series.

Astral Projection 2: Multiple Dimension

Book 2 in the Astral Projection series.

Astral Projection 3: Analysis

Book 3 in the Astral Projection series.

Astral Projection 4: Interpretation

Book 4 in the Astral Projection series.

Astral Projection 5: Returning

Book 5 in the Astral Projection series.

Astral Projection 6: Symbolism

Book 6 in the Astral Projection series.

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