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What does Illuminism mean?

A belief in or claim to a personal enlightenment not accessible to humankind in general that leads to evolution.

What will I learn in the Church of Illuminism?

We offer several courses, books, articles, and lectures to teach you about true spirituality and how you can utilize those facts to evolve yourself. Illuminism is an applied religious philosophy which means that results will only be obtained with a dedicated effort by the student.

Why do I need this?

Everyone needs to know the true spiritual wisdom that has been kept secret for aeons. This sacred knowledge will help you advance on your spiritual path.

What are the beliefs of the Church of Illuminism?

To learn more about the beliefs and ideologies of Illuminism, please read What is Illuminism.

Was ist das Ziel, ein Illuminist zu sein?

The goal of being an Illuminist is to evolve our being in this lifetime as much as possible. Life is part of our evolutionary journey and we spend it evolving and reaching our highest attainable level.

What are the practices of the members of the Church?

Illuminism recommends that you read the textbooks of Illuminism, watch our lectures, and attend our services. Remember, Illuminism is an applied religious philosophy, which means without the dedicated effort by the student, it’s teachings are meaningless.

Was ist der Ursprung des Illuminismus?

To learn about the origins of Illuminism, please visit: What is Illuminism.

What is noetics?

Noetics is the science taught by the Church of Illuminism. Noetics comes from the word Noesis, which is commonly used as Gnosis. It is a form of Gnosticism, which means that it requires us to experience all that we believe in. If we cannot experience it, then we cannot accept it as real.

How much does it cost to join?

There is no joining or membership fee to join the Church. We do charge a nominal fee for courses, and books. The Church of Illuminism relies on donations and sales of books/courses to continue its work. All donations are greatly appreciated and we never expect anyone to donate more than they can afford to.

What is the Ecclesia Gnostica?

The Ecclesia Gnostica is a division of the Church of Illuminism that teaches ancient ceremonial magic. If you are interested in learning ancient magic, then the Ecclesia Gnostica may be for you.

How can I learn magic?

If you wish to learn real magic as taught by the ancients, consider joining the Ecclesia Gnostica.

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