As a Religion

The Church of Illuminism is an organization whose aim is to bring the hidden truth of the power of man into focus. Mankind is capable of so much more than the average person thinks. Man has innate capabilities that need to be unlocked and harnessed. The evolution of man is the primary reason for his existence. Spirituality is evolution. Religions of the world have concealed allegories with certain and definite meanings that will show you the story of your evolution. The Church of Illuminism exists to reveal those truths to you. 

The Religion of Illuminism is the applied philosophical teaching of how a man can progress through the stage of consciousness. Noetics is the science of Noesis, which is the fourth and highest level of consciousness, and means “pure vision”. It is the previously rough stone of the mind which has become a polished gem. He sees what is and knows what is. He no longer imagines or believes and his thinking is not limited. Everything he knows is related to an archetypical structure and he can see how all the pieces fit together. He has now become and knows and sees all. He now relies on his refined vision for everything he does. He has reached the apex of evolution.

Illuminism is an applied religious philosophy which means that no progress can be made without the dedicated effort of the student. Illuminism has two branches, both of which lead the same destination. The first is the Church of Illuminism, open to all. The Church of Illuminism teaches you from the very beginning. It shows the way and explains everything as you go along.