A’arab Zaraq | Spheres of the Qliphoth


A’arab Zaraq is the outermost astral level on the nightside of the Qabalistic tree. Netzach is the bright counterpart of this Qlipha. Netzach means victory, and victory is a pivotal aspect, also, to its dark anti-pole. A’arab Zaraq represents battle, and its forces are invoked by the dark magician for victories in the battles of life. War gods, like Odin and Baal, their more demonic forms are associated with this sphere. In the Qabalah, Baal is viewed as the demon ruler of A’arab Zaraq.


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The symbol of Netzach is the dove, which corresponds to love, purity and peace. The raven is the symbol of A’arab Zaraq. A’arab Zaraq means ‘The Ravens of Dispersion’. The raven is the black counterpart of the dove and represents war and storm, but also passion, sin and forbidden wisdom. It lives off the dead on the battlefield and is the free spirit of death. The raven is also the talking bird that brings message and prophecies, the free consciousness of the magician, dispersing like the ravens of Odin to collect knowledge and wisdom.


The raven corresponds to the soul of the magician when it flies in ecstasy, the result of the meeting between life and death that takes place in the Qliphotic initiation. By passing through a symbolic death, the magician no longer fears death, and in the same moment learns how to live. This ‘initiation of death’ is begun on this Qlipha and is fulfilled by the black illumination on Thagirion. The raven flies through the black sea of nightmares that is Paroketh, the veil that separates the astral plane from the mental. A’arab Zaraq is the last outpost of the astral plane.


This is the sphere of dark emotions. Here we can find storms of forbidden feelings and obscure instincts. The magician encounters explosive creative expressions. A’arab Zaraq is associated with art and music. This is the sphere of the Romanticist and the Sturm und Drang poet. One might easily perish if one is not focused on the goal on the Thagirion Qlipha and if one does not follow the journey of the raven to the Black Sun.


On A’arab Zaraq the magician passes through the black baptism. The dove from Netzach appears in the baptism of Jesus, or other adepts of the light tradition, but in the baptism of a dark magician the raven appears instead. On A;arab Zaraq a flood arises that drowns the old world so that a new world can be created. The magician goes through the Nigredo phase in Alchemy where he passes away from the old world. After the black baptism the magician, similar to a pilgrim on the Left Hand Path, leaves everything behind that is not within the frames of the magical path. A’arab Zaraq is the bird that leaves the egg behind to fly to Thagirion and the mental level. Hermann Hesse describes this process in his book Demian;


The bird breaks out of the egg. The egg is the world. To be born one must crush a world into dust. The bird flies to God. The God is Abraxas.


The pure white Venus belongs to Netzach, and the black Venus corresponds to A’arab Zaraq. The Black Venus is called the Venus Illegitima and is the goddess of perversions. Her love is sterile on the mundane earth level but is fertile inside the magician and on higher levels. Through her, the magician can be born into the higher worlds. The magician is born as his own child and becomes one with his higher self or Daemon. The Venus Illegitima is the mother of this Daemon. Demonic offspring are created by a sexual unity between earth and spirit beings. The Nephilim of the Bible, the bastards, were born from the meeting between the sons of heaven and the daughters of earth. The magician’s higher self or Daemon belongs to the next level.